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We are a Parliamentary Regiment, part of The English Civil War Society, dedicated to the re-enactment of life during the English Civil War period. ECWS has two main bodies - The Kings Army who represent the Royalists and The Roundhead Association who represent the Parliamentarians. Each body is made up of a number of Regiments taking their names and uniforms from those of the 17th century.

Essex's have 25 members and currently field an average of 10 Musket and 2 Pike, along with water carriers. Whilst this may not seem many our training and enthusiasm make us extremely effective on the field, whether as an individual Regiment or as part of our Brigade. Other members man our Living History display and the Roundhead Association Information Tent.

Clivenden 2006

We take part in events all over the country from major battles to living history's, as well as purely social events such as banquets and live firing weekends (Yes the guns and cannons are real!). We have members of all ages from all parts of the country and the first year's membership is free, although membership of the Roundhead Association is a requirement for public liability insurance purposes.

There is also the opportunity to take part in TV and film projects and other promotional work from time to time.

Re-enactment's - On the field of battle we are commanded by a Captain, who is assisted by an Ensign and Drummers. The Pike and Musket blocks both have a Sergeant and each musket file has a leader. The Regiment also fields a First-Aider and Water Carriers who ensure the safety of the infantry.

Living History - Although some members remain in their 'fighting persona', there is scope for all members to develop their own role or roles. These range through local dignitary, Lady of the House, servants, merchants, seamstresses, dairymaids, cooks, gaolers, allowing plenty of opportunity for the budding actor.

The Club - The Commanding Officer is the Chairman, with a Committee consisting of a Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Committee of Safetie Representative, Quarter Master, Editor of the Magazine and Master of the Web. Apart from the Annual General Meeting, the Committee meets as needed throughout the year, normally at events.

The Lostwithiel Surfing Club - The Club within the Club whose task it is to ensure that the moral and spiritual needs of the Regiment are totally ignored in favour of lunacy and consumption of alcohol. Currently chaired by a musketeer who elected himself - its Committee consists of Regimental Scapegoat, Mascot, Virgin, Fop, Grand Vizier, Eunuch, Official Lord General, and Spiritual Leader.

Who to Contact

Commanding Officer co@earlofessex.org.uk
Regimental Clerk clerk@earlofessex.org.uk

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