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There is good news for those wishing to join the Regiment for the first time - it's free for the first year. However, should you wish to take part in any official events (i.e. non-social), then the Roundhead Association require a payment for public liability insurance purposes. 

Year 2017 rates are : 
Ordinary £15.00, Family £22.00, Concessions £10.00, Temporary £5.00 and Corporate £100.00. The temporary membership allows you to come and try the hobby out over one weekend and if you decide to join the fee will be deducted from the full membership cost.

Don't worry about where you live - so long as it's it the UK, you will be close to at least some events throughout the year. We currently have members in Berkshire, Blackpool, Hove, Dorset, Leicester, Shropshire, Lincolnshire and London,

Your membership of Essex' entitles you to all Regimental publications, which include our Regimental magazine "The eFruit" and occasional newsletters known as "Pips". These will give dates of events throughout the year.

The regiment has enough kit to dress and equip new members in order to take part in re-enactment, so if you think you might like it, it is worth giving it a try!

Click the slides to meet some of our current members.

Interested? If so, then you should contact our Membership Secretary, who will send you more details. memsec@earlofessex.org.uk.

If you would prefer a more casual introduction, then mail us through the link at the bottom of the page with any questions, and we'll try to respond to them as best we can.

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